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TropicalSim releases Recife Airport scenery
Tuesday, 07 February 2006

If you are at all interested in the beautiful northeastern brazilian landscape, the new TropicalSim release is right for you! The Recife Guararapes Intl. Airport is one of the main gateways to Brazil, specially for flights inbound from Europe, because of its strategical location in the northeast of the country. The Recife scenery features a detailed representation of the airport's buildings, hangars, general aviation area, cargo terminals and even the Brazilian Air Force base. Also, the new airport's terminal is enhanced by moving jetways, operated by the aircraft's NAV1 radio.

Recife Guararapes is now the most modern and one of the most beautiful Brazilian airports, receiving dense traffic from both domestic and international flights. The TropicalSim Recife Guararapes scenery represents the airport with an impressive level of detail - all the architectonics lines are reproduced within the TropicalSim philosophy: lots of details and little frame rate impact, offering simmers a realistic and smooth simulation.

  More info: TropicalSim

AlphaSim releases Blackburn Firebrand
Tuesday, 07 February 2006

Alpha Simulations released today their latest addition to the RAF/RN section, the Blackburn Firebrand. As one of the last piston-engined fighter-bombers ever built, the Firebrand certainly did not lack raw power. Now its mighty Bristol Centaurus engine will once again roar into life on your PC thanks to this definitive package from AlphaSim. Included in the package are three models of the aircraft, the TF.Mk.IV, TF.Mk.V (clean and torpedo configuration) and a special Air League Challenge Cup (1950) racer version which bears an authentic scheme and a unique flight model!

The flight model takes into account the vices of the type which made it rather unpopular with novice pilots, but at the same time provides a rewarding challenge. The cockpit is reproduced in some detail and of course the usual animations are present - tailhook, wingfold, cowl flaps, canopy and speedbrakes. You don't have to be an expert on obscure aircraft to enjoy this big, powerful and challenging aircraft - it's a must-have for the collector and casual simmer alike. The AlphaSim Blackburn Firebrand is priced at approximately $18.00.

  More info: Alpha Simulations
OSS releases freeware EMB 120
Sunday, 05 February 2006

As announced earlier, Online Simulation Solutions (OSS) called off the EMB 120 project, and promised to release the exterior model as freeware. After many personnel changes and due to real-life problems of the OSS panel developers, the team finally decided they couldn't continue with the project, which was their biggest to date. They have now released the exterior model of the OSS EMB 120 project.

Although the model is highly detailed and counts with animated parts, basic flight dynamics and all other stuff you would find in a payware model, it is completely unsupported by the OSS team. This version does not include a custom panel, gauges, sounds, flight dynamics nor a virtual cockpit/cabin. These are aliased to the default King Air items. You can download the OSS EMB 120 freeware model at the Online Simulation Solutions website.
Aerosoft announces new products!
Friday, 03 February 2006

Aerosoft announced and previewed three of their forthcoming products on their official forums: PBY Catalina, Casablanca 2006 and Lukla airport. The only information we have on the PBY Catalina is that there will be 3 models, 9 liveries and 1 Panel - the developers will release additional information in the future. Also announced and previewed is Casablanca 2006, a scenery by Mat Dalton. "The scenery covers the airports, the whole city and a bit around the city. Now add some very hot weather and some heat induced turbulence and you get a scenery that will make any landing exiting. Located on the Atlantic coast of Marocco, Casablanca (Dar-el-Beida) is a peferct stop when you start exploring Africa or are enroute to Tenerif or Funchal."

Another scenery in development is the Lukla Airport, a rather special airport with montaneous surroundings, adverse weather and a difficult approach. The Lukla Airport is located at 9100ft high up in the Himalaya and the gateway to the most famous mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Covering the airport, the region (with some rather impressive mesh) and the villages, this is a destination for the more enterprising pilots amongst us. Online release is expected in early April.

  Preview screenshots: PBY Catalina // Casablanca 2006 // Lukla Airport
IcarusGold releases Kawasaki KI-61
Thursday, 02 February 2006

IcarusGold is proud to announce the release of the Kawasaki KI-61 "Tony", the very first model of this aircraft for Flight Simulator 2004. Optimized for speed and power, this classic Japanese aircraft represented a major departure for Japanese aircraft design back in World War II. The IcarusGold Kawasaki KI-61 comes with 30 texture sets, detailed exterior model, dynamic virtual cockpit, animated pilot, dynamic shine and custom effects such as wingtip vortices, vapor contrails and even machine guns.

Also included in the package are a detailed 2D panel with custom gauges and pop-up panels, engine sounds, airport scenery, canopy animation, landing lights, shock absorber movement and 2 flightplans. Documentation is composed by two detailed .pdf files with aircraft history, performance and tutorials. The full Kawasaki KI-61 package is priced at $17.00.

  More info: IcarusGold - Product Page

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